Treatzone Link of the Week - 2009

The Best Viral Videos of 2009: A Retrospective from Videogum.

Vice's interview with Wire creator David Simon.

Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity, brought to you by Ted Talks.

Neutra Face: An Ode On A Typeface. (A bearded Poker Face parody.)

We Feel Fine. An almanac of human emotion by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar.

Thirty Conversations on Design. Leading architects, designers, authors, and others share their thoughts.

Alarm Dance, by Daniel Eatock.

Pictorial Webster's: Inpiration to Completion. A must-see for book lovers.

A Love Letter For You. An amazing public art project by Steve Powers.

Troupe of Staring Monsters. From Odosketch by Odopod.

My Parents Were Awesome. A photo blog documenting the time before fanny packs and Andrea Bocelli concerts.

An inspiring interview with Maurice Sendak, from NYC & Company.

Thomas Allen's amazing work with vintage pulp novels, via Foley Gallery.

Days With My Father, by Phillip Toledano.

Pandacam! Live from the San Diego Zoo.

Birds on Wires: a dreamy video by Jarbas Agnelli.

Grain Edit's "Little Friends of Printmaking" interview.

Xavier Barrade. Portfolio site of the designer behind the amazing

Advanced Style: proof that personal style advances with age.

Missed Connections, illustrated by Sophie Blackall.

100+ Years of Design Manifestos, via Swiss Miss. 

The Movie Title Stills Collection: main titles from classic and recent films.

Cardon Copy. Telephone pole posters and bulletin board finds get makeovers from professional designers.

Radical Miracles Come True, they really do!

Pug Pushes Stroller, Portland Edition. Good to watch if you're having a bad day.

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ: cross-generation letter-making from designers Roel and Job Wouters.

Billie Jean. No explanation necessary.

Live Now. A collaborative project started by Eric Smith, found via My Love For You Is A Stampede of Horses.

My Milk Toof. Possibly the cutest thing ever.

But does it float. Curated by Folkert and Atley.

Auto-Tune the News #4. The headlines sound so much better this way.

We Have Lasers!!!!!! A mindblowing collection of laser portraits.

We Love You So: a sneak peek at the many creative influences behind Where The Wild Things Are.

Pretty Sketchy: Jason Santa Maria on the merits of keeping a sketchbook. (Via Swiss Miss.)

Type Nesting: do birds have a favorite font?

A Wolf Loves Pork: super-charming stop-motion video.

We Love Typography: like FFFFound for all things type.

Inflatable street art by Joshua Allen Harris.

Borderline: The Flaming Lips cover Madonna.

BOOMBOX. 100 days + 100 songs + 100 dances = pure genius.

Deep Font Challenge: another game for all you typophiles out there.

iDaft, the Daft Punk console.

Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre: cut-ups by Wilhelm Staehle.

The Photographic Dictionary, found via Left & Write.

Kittens Inspired By Kittens! (In case you've somehow missed this cuteness.)

12 words about San Francisco Graphic Design: "Speak Up" guest editorial by Tim Belonax.

Jack Horkheimer, Star Hustler: special Valentine's Day edition.

Fish Eddy's Memo Dinnerware, via Apartment Therapy.

Rad Dudes. The name says it all.

King's Path to Nonviolence: a truly inspirational radio broadcast.

The Book Cover Archive. Quite a collection of eye candy!

2009: The Year of Science. A great project making science accessible to more people.

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