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Treatzone is brought to you by Matthew and Sandy Lynn Davis, a couple of creative types living in San Francisco with our little one. This website is where we keep track of our adventures.

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Light and Magic

Less than one week to go until our opening! Here's a sneak peek at one of the four lightboxes we've been working on. More soon . . .


Still Dreaming

Still working away on our show! It's so much fun to see how the character of these portraits changes as the new backgrounds are filled in, and we've been amusing ourselves making up histories for all the folks in our little group. Sometimes there are clues in the portraits themselves—Niagara Falls was written on the back of the one above, which made us think they were perhaps honeymooners, even though their expressions are not especially joyful! Combined with the odd spotting on their faces, we decided the Honeymoon's Over for these two.

With our collection of bubble portraits almost done, we're starting on banners and prints. If anyone can guess what the letters below are going to spell, you get a prize . . .



Familiar Dreams

We're keeping busy getting ready for our show next month! In addition to embellished Victorian portraits, we've got new prints, banners, and light boxes in the works. More soon . . .


Sneak Peek

We've started work for our solo show at Soap Gallery in April . . . more soon!

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