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Fog & Laser!!

I'm super-excited to announce Fog and Laser, a new party I'm starting with good friend Steve MacDonald, launching at the Rickshaw Stop on Saturday April 23rd. We've always enjoyed the type of party when you get to play whatever you want, and like any great house party, it's always best when it's dark and full of intrigue. Fog machines and lasers seem to be the best bet for an over-the-top fun and crazy night. (I've been stockpiling them in our apartment for months, much to Sandy's dismay.) With laser portraits, special guests, and more, it promises to be an epic night, so don't miss it!

Who: me and Steve, aka DJs EmDee and RamblinWorker
What: a genre-free, anything goes dance party
When: Saturday, April 23rd, doors at 9:00 pm
Where: Rickshaw Stop, 155 Fell St @ Van Ness
Why: it's time to dance!


Debaser Turns Three!

Matthew's 90s party Debaser turns three tonight! Come and join the fun at 111 Minna at 9 pm, or read more about it in the Chronicle's awesome feature here.


A look back at 2010

Ah 2010, where did you go? Before we get too wrapped up in our schemes and dreams for 2011, we thought we'd take a look back at where we've been. (Photo above from our impromptu black & white New Year's Eve party, inspired by this.)

Inspired by Food Inc, in January one of our major resolutions was to pay more attention to where our food comes from and eat more at home. (We did pretty well with this one—this photo actually is of kale chips we made in the fall.)

We both also became more and more interested in photography in 2010, and as a result noticed a lot more of the lovely things all around us (like these prize ribbons at the Alameda Flea Market in February).

In March, we created a new altered portrait for Manifest Equality, and made a road trip to LA to see the show.

In April, we were honored to DJ the afterparty for a super-inspirational Pop-Up Magazine.

In May, Sandy participated in her first Bike To Work Day, and it quickly became a daily habit.

In June, we had some awesome summertime adventures both in and out of the city.

In July, we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary with a weekend trip to Santa Cruz.

In August, we paid a visit to the Scout Books booth at Renegade SF to gocco some notebooks.

In September, we celebrated a couple special birthdays: one in Tacoma and one at the always epic Palace of Fine Arts, here in San Francisco.

In October, our t-shirt for Little Paper Planes' artist series hit Target stores!

In November, Matthew's film 33 premiered at the Bicycle Film Festival in SF.

And last but not least, in December we gave our Etsy shop a little update.

We certainly feel lucky for everything we experienced last year, and are looking forward to new adventures in the year ahead!



Winterfest is this Sunday night! The end-of-year extravaganza at SOMArts is both a benefit for + celebration of the SF Bike Coalition, and includes a silent auction, an art auction (to which we donated a piece), a screenprinting station, a photobooth and more. Plus, a 1-year SFBC membership is included with the price of admission. Hope to see you there!

Poster by Hugh D'Andrade.


Carousel is on!

Big apologies to anyone who showed up for Carousel at Il Pirata a couple weeks ago – they double-booked and we were ousted, which really stunk. However, this Friday we're giving it another go at a new new location, and hope you'll join us! We'll be bringing our favorite rock/pop/indie/new wave dance tunes, like the above. (Maybe if Bruno's doesn't work out, we can hold the next Carousel at a roller rink...)

Who: DJs EmDee + Sandy Davis Jr. (aka Matthew + me)
What: Carousel
When: Friday, May 14th – free before 10:30, $5 after
Where: The Pussycat Lounge, upstairs at Bruno's
Why: Why not?