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Debaser Turns Three!

Matthew's 90s party Debaser turns three tonight! Come and join the fun at 111 Minna at 9 pm, or read more about it in the Chronicle's awesome feature here.


A Very Busy Weekend

Birthday celebrations + Halloween = a very busy weekend! Above, shark-guarded roof access at a Halloween house party.

The window at Starbelly, where we had Matthew's birthday dinner.

The white bat makes an appearance at Debaser's Halloween party.

The birthday boy on a neighborhood walk (with some Giants pride peeking out under that hoodie!)


Debaser Turns Two

It's hard to believe the 90s party I co-founded with pal James Guzzi is already celebrating its two-year anniversary! We've got a brand new website (huge thanks to Chris Brennan!) just in time for the occasion, and tonight we'll be celebrating with a best of/worst of slideshow, plus the usual mix of songs you should like and don't know, songs you know and don't like, and the occasional song you both know and like. All of them specially formulated to make you laugh, cry, and punch the person next to you. OK! So If you live in SF, come on out to The Knockout tonight and join the madness!


Venus does Debaser

The monthly 90s party I play records at is featured in the Summer 2009 issue of Venus! Check out the article for some 90s themed desserts, including my very own vegan Frank Black brownies (below).