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Fall Traditions

When Dylan was only a month old, we all visited Clancy's to pick out pumpkins for Halloween. Even though he was too tiny to know what was going on (and ended up sleeping most of the time) we were just so excited to start some family traditions.

This year, we went back and it was fun to see our little one so much more involved in his surroundings.

We even found the same vampire for the guys to pose with.

We've also got a little tradition of family Halloween costumes going on. Last year we were a bunch of bananas, and this year Dylan was a monkey and Matthew and I were zookeepers. I wonder how long we have before the little guy wants to pick out his own costume?


Happy Birthday, Baby

A few photos from Dylan's first birthday party a few weeks ago... (Above, my mom's chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, one of the best parts of birthdays when my brother and I were growing up.)

Of course we had to make a bunting banner for the occasion. (Not to mention: tons of party hats.)

The birthday boy! All of the party decorations were inspired by this hat and he refused to wear it.

Love this little family photo from our friend Anna's Instagram—maybe my favorite shot of the day. Thank you so much to all the friends and family who celebrated with us and made it such a special day!!


Twelve Months!


Dylan turned one year old yesterday! I think we are equal parts proud, excited, relieved, and sentimental—it's been such a big year, and he isn't the only one who has grown a ton. Matthew and I have learned so much in our first year as parents.

Dylan and I share a birthday, so we celebrated with a treat at Tartine followed by some playtime at Dolores Park. And this weekend we are throwing him a big bash! We may have gone a little overboard with the party planning, but hey, it's a big deal.

So as we wrap up this photo series, I'm so grateful to have this record of Dylan's first year. To my mind he hasn't changed that much since around six months, but when I look at these photos I see how untrue that is. It's great to have a record of those changes that happened too fast for us to notice. And though we won't be documenting quite as obsessively going forward, we're excited for all the changes yet to come!



We don't have a car, so I've done a lot of walking with Dylan this past year—either to keep from going stir-crazy, get him to nap, run errands, visit friends, or some combination of all of the above. Lucky for me, we moved to a new neighborhood just before Dylan was born, so there has been plenty of new scenery to explore. And honestly, I think these wanderings may be some of my fondest memories from my first year as a mom. When we're out on a walk, I can forget about all the things that need to get done at home and just enjoy being with my baby.

When we're out I usually just shoot Instagram photos, though I'm trying to get in the habit of taking my Diana along with us. I love the light leaks, the soft focus, the quality of the colors, and—perhaps most important when you're toting a 15–20 pound child plus all the requisite baby gear—it weighs next to nothing.

It's fun to look through the full set at almost a year and see all the places we've been together. One of my favorite moments was stumbling upon the annular eclipse late in May. Though alas, we did miss the Endeavor flyover on Friday—we were out and about and apparently it flew by right behind us! Oh well, I'm not going to bemoan these things too much until Dylan is old enough to actually remember.


Eleven Months

This guy has been such a big ray of sunshine in our lives lately. It's hard to believe he'll be year old soon! And though it's a little sad to say goodbye to babyhood, we're having so much fun watching him become a little person.

His favorite things these days include eating toast, playing with the radio, and getting into everything. Can't wait to see what our little adventurer will be into next!

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